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Welcome to the Matilda & Karl Pfeiffer Museum & Study Center. Built in 1933, the beautiful Tudor Revival house incorporates the simplicity and high syle of the era. The house sits as the centerpiece of 11 acres of grounds and gardens, yet it blends into the landscape as if each were a part of the other. The interior design of the house is somewhat reminiscent of a Frank Lloyd Wright house, in that it is functional, yet beautiful. The house holds memories of a former time when Karl and Matilda Pfeiffer entertained friends and family, including Karl's sister Pauline Pfeiffer and her husband Ernest Hemingway. The grounds have evolved from the grasslands of a former dairy to a preserve of native Arkansas plants. The grounds are also a natural habitat for many small animals. The wooded area is a sanctuary for deer and birds and the pond hosts aquatic creatures as well as provides water for the other inhabitants.

The Museum Grounds


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Our Logo

The Tulip Poplar leaf and seed pod were chosen as the logo for the Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum and Study Center because of the unique connection of the tree to Crowley's Ridge. Crowley's Ridge is the only place in Arkansas where the Tulip Poplar grows naturally. It can be found along the ridge from the northern border of Clay County near Piggott to Helena in Phillips County.